I once remember writing an article about a bird of prey that is rarely photographed. Coincidentally, it landed directly in front of a traffic camera and then delivered lots of selfies in best quality. Meanwhile something like this happens every day, because the CCTV surveillance is increasing daily and probably the animals have long got used to the boxes with the dark, big eye. Therefore the landing of a seagull in front of a camera used by the Transport of London cannot be considered a sensation. But the staff at the monitors were happy about the visitor, as they could use it for their Twitter notification service. A minute later they greeted the car drivers with this tweet. This happened on Monday afternoon, shortly before the start of rush hour.



The next morning, Tuesday, it was not a bad surprise. Toc, toc, I’m back. The seagull, obviously the same one from the day before, had landed again and stayed a little longer this time. Good reason for Transport of London to continue the tweet from the previous day:



And then it didn’t take long until a happy communication started. In this discipline the English are world champions. Nobody can answer faster and more quick-witted. And always ‘with tongue in cheek’. Something I envy them very much. It’s hard to learn unless you’ve been used to it since childhood. But I’m working hard on it and improving inch by inch. May God give me a long life.



PS: Transport for London is also responsible for underground lines and buses. I think their website is very good, I always feel well informed. Nevertheless, something can always happen at short notice that leads to disturbances. So you’re happy when you get hints and that’s what Transport for London offers via Twitter and Facebook. You can find all addresses on the TfL website (=> Google).