It’s been ten years since the first reports came in from Cambridge. First in the local newspaper, later even in the BBC News. Reason gave an aggressive swan, who defended its precinct with everything that was available to it. Wildly beating wings, kicking big feet and a wide open beakREAD MORE

I once remember writing an article about a bird of prey that is rarely photographed. Coincidentally, it landed directly in front of a traffic camera and then delivered lots of selfies in best quality. Meanwhile something like this happens every day, because the CCTV surveillance is increasing daily and probablyREAD MORE

There will be elections in England on Thursday. They are “only” local elections, so something like our ‘Landtagswahlen’, but they take place in almost all counties of England and the whole of Northern Ireland. The results could be a nasty surprise. Many people are angry about the lack of BrexitREAD MORE

Since the British Parliament is back from the shortened Easter holidays, there is peace in the House of Parliaments. It seems to me the evil B***** word is under spell. Nobody says the word, nowhere a message about it and so they finally have time again to devote themselves toREAD MORE